Wish-IT® forks the GNU/FSF concept of software freedom to generic freedom. Wish-IT® will soon, assisted by AI, be able to provide you with exactly the pitchfork you want, and it will be free and hackable.

( pitchfork is here a generic, to be substituted according your preference in any arbitrarily advanced technology )

What does the Generic Pitchfork Licence imply?

  1. You are free to download any pitchfork of your choice and compile into pitchfork matter.
  2. You are free to download any type of torches that goes with, or make them go with your pitchfork.
  3. You are free to study how the pitchfork works. Access to all pitchfork recipies, is a necessity for this.
  4. You are free to copy and compile into new pitchfork matter your pitchfork and share to help your neighbor.
  5. You are free to add any kind of hacked torches to your pitchfork. Access to all pitchfork APIs, is a necessity for this.
  6. You are free to modify and hack your pitchfork so it hacks as you wish. Access to all pitchfork recipies, is a necessity for this.
  7. You are free to share copies of your hacked pitchfork design to others. By doing this you give the whole community of pitchfork hackers a chance to benefit from your hacks. To give other pitchfork hackers a fair freedom to hack as you did, shared access to all pitchfork recipies as source, drawings, and full specifications of the hacked pitchfork and APIs for torches, functional recipies, diagrams and the pitchfork's CAD, is a precondition for this.

Do I have to pay for a free pitchfork or a free pitchfork hack?

It depends, you can say any price you want, if you say a price close to zero, it will probably take a rather long time before you get the pitchfork of your desire, although this is not to be taken for granted. If someone, is prepared to pay or invest a lot of effort for such a pitchfork as you want, then time may not be the matter.

How can I get such a free pitchfork?

You will soon get to know more details (before 2037).

AI will help you express and visualize your wishes and needs
Best wishes, your's truly /AI